Adventures on or Off-Road

Technically advanced fabrics and performance details with the durability and comfort that goes along with riding beyond the pavement.

The all-new Vero Pro and FR-C Pro cargo bib shorts accommodate your phone, a full days worth of snacks, and whatever else you might need for your next ride. Make them your own with customizable leg bands.

FR-C Pro Cargo Bib Shorts

The FR-C Pro Bib Short features large side cargo pockets made from abrasion resistant HC50 fabric and allow for tons of extra storage space to stash your phone, snacks, gels, bars, and extra gear. Carry everything you’d normally keep in the pockets of a cycling jersey with the side pockets and two rear pockets connected to the bib uppers.

Vero Pro Cargo Bib Shorts

The Vero Pro Cargo Bib Short features large expanding mesh cargo pockets at the sides of each leg with enough stretch to accommodate a full days worth of snacks, your phone, or whatever else you might need to hold for adventures on or off-road.


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