Stand Out and Stay Visible

Giordana offers options in reflectivity throughout the Custom program. Customers can choose to add areas of reflective technology to enhance visibility in low light conditions.

Giordana's reflective treatment fuses glass particles directly into the fabric before the printing process. A floret dot design reflects light, helping to keep the rider visible in low light and inclement weather conditions.

The placement of isolated reflective panels is superior to a garment with total or allover reflectivity because it helps to define the rider’s shape and motion on the bike.



Giordana’s reflective options are offered on a variety of popular items in the FR-C Pro, Scatto Pro, Vero Forma, and Vero Pro collections.
When headlights shine on reflective leg bands in pedal motion, the reflective accents create a circular shape that show the movement of the rider.
Customers who choose to add reflectivity will find the treatment in select areas including the leg bands, arm cuffs, or the entire back pocket for maximum impact.


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