A Tour of Our Process

Wondering how it all happens? Here's what you can expect when you choose to work with us.  


The Giordana Custom program is based in a long history of professional team sponsoirshiop. We work with pros at the highest level to develop the most innivative product available and then bring that technology to you.

Giordana is the exclusive apparel sponsor of the Astana Pro Team. Our athletes and our customers count on us to keep pushing the envelope with technically advanced pieces to maximize their performance.

Giordana Custom was created with a vision to bring a full range of completely customizable pro-level apparel to everyone who rides. Teams, clubs, and event participants can experience the edge for themselves. You can wear what the pros wear with the same materials and technology that we deliver to our sponsored athletes. Designed for the pros, but made for you.


The Giordana Custom team offers concierge style service to make your ordering process easy and enjoyable. We pair you with your own dedicated point of contact who assists from start to finish to ensure your experience is extraordinary in every way.

Your custom clothing specialist will learn about your needs and make expert recommendations as you learn more about our product offerings and choose your garments. We offer a variety of different styles that allow you to choose the fit and features ideally suited for you and your group.


Our professional designers will bring your vision to life. They take into account all of your ideas and will create artwork that is fully customized and unique to your group. In many cases, you can even select the color of your zipper, trims, and stitching.

With thousands of hours of experience, our artists are experts with the intricacies of the design process and how graphics translate to our proprietary patterns. We will optimize your design for best results.

Choose Styles & Sizes

While the design process is happening, you’ll work with your custom clothing specialist to choose your garments. Our Giordana Custom program is known for an almost endless number of styles, options, and customizations. We offer a wide range of garments, materials, fits, and finishes for every type of riding so there are options for everyone in your group.

Consider ordering a size sample Fit Kit to allow everyone to try on in-person and determine proper sizing.

Build Your Order

You’ve made selections, your design looks amazing. Now it’s time to gather numbers and place your group order. We make it simple with the Giordana Kit Builder platform. GKB is an easy and convenient way to gather orders and collect payments from your teammates or customers near and far. Your custom clothing specialist will create a store just for you.

Product can be packaged and shipped in bulk to team leads or individually to team members.


Once the order finalized, it is sent off to our factory in Italy for production. Cut, print, and sew– each garment is handmade to order with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Many of our most popular items can be produced in as few as four weeks, plus transit time.


“Here you have people
who have done this all of their lives. They know what they are doing. They care about what they are doing and they care about the product they put out. That’s what makes this place so special.”

- Giorgio Andretta, Founder & CEO

Quality Control & Shipping

When your order arrives at our distribution center, each item is re-inspected, to ensure it meets our quality standards and reflects the design that you approved. Now your kits are ready for delivery.

Enjoy the Ride

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