About Our Fit Kits

A size sample fit kit is a great way to determine which garments and sizes are ideal for your team. Gather input and build your gear assortment.


A cycling kit is only useful if it fits correctly. We recommend using fit kit samples to determine the proper garments and sizes for your riders.

Our reps can make recomendations and help you select an assortment of garments that you'll consider for your team order. We ship a size run to you for each of those garments so you can host a get-together with your members. Everyone tries on the items and determines their proper size, and you'll have the info you need to make final selections for your customized apparel order.


Samples are available for most garments in our custom collection and are yours for 14 days free of charge. If the items are not returned within 14 days, your credit card may be charged. Need more time? Just let us know and we are happy to accommodate. You pay for shipping, and we cover the cost to return. A FREE return shipping label is included in your fit kit.

Please note, size samples are to be used only to determine proper sizing and fit, not for riding. If they are returned soiled or show excessive wear, your credit card may be charged for the item(s).

While you are in possession of the fit kit samples we’ll need a credit card on file. We will not charge the card unless there is an issue. Enter your email below to get started.