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Men's FR-C Pro Short Sleeve Doppio Tri Suit

Men's FR-C Pro Short Sleeve Doppio Tri Suit


The FR-C Pro Short Sleeve Doppio Tri Suit is inspired by the aero work done by professional road racers. The Doppio is a cross between a skin suit and a separate jersey and shorts, taking the aerodynamics of the former and the comfort of the latter. The right sleeves are more aero than the skin, so if you’re looking for speed, the Doppio is the ticket.

The suit is similar to the FR-C Pro Short Sleeve Jersey and Shorts, but the differences make it much greater than the sum of its parts. By sewing the top to the bottoms, the bottoms are held in place by the jersey wrapped around the shoulders, helping keep the legs and chamois in place, no matter how wet you are, no matter how much you move around. By sewing the bottoms to the tops, the jersey is stretched for better aerodynamics and the pockets, when filled, can’t sag or move. By having the full zipper in front as well as the front not attached to the bottoms, it feels less binding when running or heeding the call of nature.

Another big benefit of the Doppio Suit is that all the top panels are made of High-Speed Light Lycra. It’s woven with stripes that function as virtual ‘trip wires’ that improve the flow of air over your body.

The bottoms come with black or blue main panels; both the single color and printed panels are woven into a medium-compression, abrasion-resistant Lycra Power. All the panels are treated with a Durable Water Repellant (DWR) finish to minimize water absorption and maximize durability, especially when soaked in chlorinated water.

As the right thickness chamois can make all the difference in the world, Giordana offers three pad options, each of differing thickness, to be sewn into the bottoms via Tri-Stitch sewing for greater durability.

Everything is secured to the body with contoured panels at the waist, sleeve, and leg hems. The sleeves and legs have internal silicone tape to stick to the skin like glue without digging in. The 7.5cm Stay Put bands at the leg hems are wide to minimize pressure on the legs.

As with any good tri’ suit, the Doppio comes with lots of pockets. The jersey has two side-access mesh pockets in the back that feature generous stretch. They can take stuff as small as gels, and as large as a vest and warmers. The shorts feature two front pockets that are out of the way of your legs but allow for easy storage for and access to bars and gels.

Tech Specs
  • Full zipper made of plastic and lined on the inside with a flap to prevent abrasion.
  • Four-needle stitching was utilized throughout.
  • Two side-access mesh jersey pockets are big enough for vests and warmers.
  • Two front-access short pockets for bars and gels.
  • Aero High-Speed Light fabric, UPF 35+, for the top.
  • Three kinds of compressive DWR-treated Lycra Power, UPF 50+, are utilized in bottoms.
  • The main bottom panels are available in either Blue Midnight or Black.
  • Three chamois choices, all with a top layer of aloe vera-infused Cirro fabric.


This garment with regular options is available in our 4-week program. Choosing a non-standard option may increase lead time to 8 weeks.

Minimums (MOQs)

Giordana has no required minimum quantities to place an order. Our published MOQs are thresholds to get optimum pricing. This garment with regular options has a MOQ of 5 pieces per design, per garment.


Men's Sizes Available: 2XS - 5XL

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